Add New Participant

b2match offers the organizers the possibility to create registrations on the participants' behalf. Both main organizers and supporting organizers have access to the feature.

In order to add a participant, go to the Participants List, click on Add participant and fill in the data you have.

Participant has a b2match account

If the participant already has a b2match account, by using the Add Participant feature you will only register them for the event. The participant should know their credentials, as they have already participated in previous b2match events or they already logged in to their b2match account. You can edit their profile or notify them that you have registered them for this event. 

Participant does not have a b2match account

If the participant doesn't have a b2match account, an account will be created and a password will be generated for the account in the Participant Successfully Created step.

You have the possibility to notify the participant by clicking on Notify Participant once you filled in the mandatory information. If you choose not to notify the participant at this point, make sure the participant knows their account credentials - the email and the password generated by the system.

This is a one-time-password that can be used the first time when a participant logs in.

If you choose to notify the participant, you have the possibility to edit the email to be sent to the participant.


If you failed to send the notification to the participant, just make sure the participant is notified that an account was created on their behalf and that you send the link where they can access the account (insert the Dashboard link in the email if you use the outbox messages to notify them about this). They will be able to set up their own password the first time that they log in. 

Participant with given email already exists

In case the participant exists in the system and already registered for the event, the following message will be displayed: Participant with given email already exists. You can edit details here. The link will direct you to the participant profile in the backend, where you can edit their details.

Participant is still in the process of registration

In case you receive the following message Participant with given email already exists and is still in the process of registration please note that this particular participant started the registration process and the system will keep their data for 24 hours. Afterwards, the data will be deleted and you can add the participant. 

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