App Menu

Sidebar Menu

Tap on the menu icon in order to see the sidebar menu. Here you will have the following information:

  • My Events - the list with the events to which you have participated in the past and the new events for which you have registered or to which you were invited to
  • Check-In - it helps the organizers track the participants who are present at the event. This feature is available upon request, so not all the events will have it
  • Legal - here you can find the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and information about the app’s version
  • App Feedback - participants have the possibility to send feedback on the app directly to the b2match Support team.

Event Menu (Bottom Tab Bar)

Tap on each icon to see the details of the event, participants list, agenda and meetings.

  • Eventthe event's website with the event's dates and location
  • Participantsthe list of participants attending the event and a preview to their profiles
  • Agenda - the event agenda and the participants' personal agendas. The sessions which they want to attend to, as chosen during registration; by using the b2match app the participants can make sure that they are updated with the last minute changes to the agenda
  • Meetings - the list of participants' meetings and the status - accepted, pending or cancelled
  • Messages - the inbox of the participants messages.
All the settings applied in the organizer’s tool will apply to the app as well. For example, once the organizer changes the scheduling, the matchmaking mode or other configuration settings in the organizer’s tool, the new settings will immediately apply to the app as well.