Limiting On-Site Attendance on Hybrid Events

When it comes to organizing events nowadays, an obstacle that organizers are facing is the limit of on-site participants. Each country has its own rules for the maximum number of people allowed in a certain location. We help you easily manage on-site participants by setting a specific limit of on-site participants attending the event. You can also set a limit for specific sessions in case they take place in different locations and allow a different number of participants.

Limiting on-site attendance for the entire event

In your organizer tool, go to Registration SettingsOn-site spots limit and set your limit of on-site participants for the event. 

The on-site spots limit is the number of validated participants able to attend on-site.

Once the limit is set, it is visible for the participants in registration. 

Once the limit of validated on-site participants is reached, new participants are not able to register on-site anymore. Also, any existing remote participants will not be able to change their attendance type to on-site. The event organizer's duty in this case is to quickly validate participants in order keep the number of rejections for on-site participation low.

When the limit is approached (>90%) or if it has been exceeded, the notifications are displayed accordingly. Organizers are still able to override the on-site spots limit.

After the event on-site participation is reached, the participants are not able to register for the event on-site, as the on-site option will be disabled. The Fully booked label is displayed in the attendance type step.

Limiting on-site attendance for certain sessions

Go to Agenda - Edit the session for which you want to impose an on-site limitation. Add your number in the Participant Limit box.

For hybrid sessions, the participant limit refers to on-site participants. 

The number of available on-site spots for a hybrid or on-site session will be displayed in registration.