Attendance Type in Hybrid Events

In the case of hybrid events, the events organizers can choose between Explicit and Implicit Attendance Types. These option determines whether or not your participants choose their attendance type in the registration form.In order to do so, go to Configuration - Registration Settings - Attendance Type Settings.

Explicit Attendance Type

Participants need to choose between on-site and remote attendance when they register. On-site participants can attend all types of sessions, while remote participants can only attend hybrid and online sessions. You will be able to set a limit of on-site participants that can register for the event, and define custom questions specifically for them.

This is the default attendance type when you create a hybrid event,

The attendance type is a step in the registration process where the participant is prompted to choose how they will attend a hybrid event. 

The participant chooses between the following attendance types:

  • On-site (hybrid)
    The participant physically attends the event, but can also choose to attend some sessions online. 
  • Remote
    The participant attends the event remotely. All the meetings and all the sessions will be attended through video conferencing/calls. Only the sessions set as online will be displayed in the registration process for the participant who chooses this attendance type.

The on-site (hybrid) participants are able to indicate how will they attend hybrid sessions, provided that these sessions have been set as 'hybrid' by the event organizer.


Implicit Attendance Type

Participants do not choose their attendance type on the event. They are treated as on-site by the system, they can attend all types of sessions and indicate their presence on the event by selecting certain sessions that the organizer defined in the event agenda.

Switching between explicit and implicit attendance types

If the event already has some registered participants and you change this?
  • Explicit to Implicit - everything stays the same for the participants (their meetings, attendance, etc), the attendance type is removed from the admin as well (from the part. list, etc.). However, the organizers gets a warning.

  • Implicit to Explicit - all participants will become on-site participants and will be able to change their attendance type.