b2match Entrance Check-In App

Check-ins are a crucial part of your onsite event networking experience. Learn how our Check-in App ensures quick multi-location event and session check-ins of your participants from any mobile or tablet device.

Getting Started

b2match Entrance is a perfect tool for keeping track of participants on your in-person or hybrid events. It allows easy check-in and check-out of participants at your b2match event, or on specific event locations. 

The app is available on both Google Play and App Store. When you download it, you can log in with your b2match organizer account.


Please note that b2match Entrance will soon replace the old b2match mobile app, which will then be used only by b2match participants.

Once logged in, you will be presented with all events for which you are listed as the main or supporting organizer. For easier navigation, the list is divided into current, future, and all events.

The app menu can be accessed in the upper right corner where you can connect the app to a printer, find legal information, rate the app, switch between light and dark mode, and log out of the app.



To access the app settings for this specific event, click the settings symbol in the top left corner.



Here you can define whether badges are printed automatically after you check a participant in, you can select or change an existing printer, and turn vibrations on or off.

Event Home page

Once you select the event for the check-in, you will see the Home page of this event.

Events can have multiple locations, so you need to select the one you are or will be located in. 

The default location selected will be "event".

If you have defined more locations in the Agenda, you will be able to check participant in our out of those specific locations. This way, you can keep track of your participants even more and always know where each of your participants is.

You can change your location by tapping the "Set your checkpoint location" section.



You can also see an overview of the number of checked in participants at each location, as well as the organizers of the event.


Participant List

The participant list displays all participants that have registered for the event.

At the top of the list, you see which event location is selected. 

The list is divided into "Absent" and "Checked In". This way, you can clearly see which participants were already checked in on the selected location, and which haven't.



By tapping a participant on the list, you can see their check in activities to see where has this participant been checked in so far.

You can easily search the list by typing a participant's name, and you can sort the list by:

  • time of the check-in (newest to oldest)
  • alphabetically (A to Z)
  • alphabetically (Z to A)
  • registration (newest to oldest)

Manually Checking In

To check a participant in or out, you first need to make sure you are checking them in at the location you want. Then, you simply need to tap the check-in button next to the participant profile.



The participant will then be moved to the "Checked In" list. To check them out, tap the check-out button next to the participant profile.


Checking In with QR Code Scanning

To speed up the process, you can check participants by scanning QR codes.

Please note that participants can get their QR code by:

  • downloading the mobile app
  • via the badge you have created with our Badge Editor feature
  • via email sent through the organizer's tool

Once you open the scanner, you will be able to perform 3 different scans:

  1. Find - scans the participant QR code to open their profile preview and see their check-in history
  2. Check In - checks the participant in to the selected location
  3. Check Out - checks the participant out to the selected location



To use the scanner, you simply need to point your camera to the participant's QR code and the action selected at the bottom of the screen will be performed.



Once an action is performed, a pop-up will be displayed to indicate that it was successful. 

This mode allows you to check participants in or out much quicker, without the need to change screens, manually search the participants, or press any buttons.

Activity History

The Activity History allows you to see all check-ins and check-outs on the event.

You can see individual participant history by tapping a profile on the list, or all the activity on the event.



Check-in data is shared with the organizer's tool, so you can also access it there. You can use the check-in information to send targeted emails or push notifications to participants, depending on their location. You can filter the list with the Advanced Search.

Printing Badges On-site

The printed labels are autogenerated by our platform, and cannot be customized at the moment. Below you can see what the badge looks like once it's printed. The label contains the participant's first and last names, organization name, and the QR code used for checking in.

Once the label is printed, you can peel it off and stick it on a badge you have previously prepared.

Please note that badges created with our Badge Editor cannot be automatically printed via the b2match Entrance app. They can only be printed separately and cannot be connected to the Entrance app.

Setting up the printer

At the moment, printing badges with b2match Entrance is only possible via Brother label printer QL-820NWB. The paper standard roll measure is 62mm.

Once you have the printer, plug it in and turn it on; the date and hour will be displayed. Next, you need to remove the template mode and connect it to wifi.

  • make sure the template mode is off
    • Menu > Template Settings > Template Mode > Off. 
  • connect the printer to Wi-Fi by following the steps below
    • Menu > WLAN > On
    • Menu > WLAN - Network Mode > Infrastructure mode
    • Menu > WLAN > Infra Manual Settings - here the printer will search for the available wireless networks. Choose yours and enter the password.

The printer should now be ready for pairing. To do this, tap the settings icon and then tap on "Select or change printer".



Then wait for the app to find the printer and tap on it.



Set paper type to 62mm and tap Save.



Tap "Save" at the bottom of the screen. The green checkmark in the upper right corner of the printer is an indication that the printer is paired with the app.



Printing the badges

You can print the badges manually or automatically upon checking participants in.

To print the badges manually, simply go to the Participant list, tap on a participant and then press "Print Badge".



To speed up the check in process even more, you can set up the app to print badges automatically as soon as a participant is checked in. To set it up, go to Settings and tap the toggle button next to "Print badge automatically after checking in".