Company Managers

Company Manager is the participant who registered first with a company thus created the company's profile, and is able to create representatives and manage their attendance and meetings. All members of the company will have the Company Representatives page under My profile.

Company Managers can create Company Representatives and impersonate Company Representatives.

Creating Representatives

The Company Manager is able to create representatives and manage their attendance and meetings. 

  1. Add the representative's first name
  2. Add the representative's last name
  3. Add the representative's job position
  4. Add the representative's email. This step is not mandatory, as some representatives are not managing their own meetings. By not adding the email, the representative will not receive the system's automated notifications, nor the emails sent by the organizer via the b2match platform.
  5. Add the phone number
  6. Define whether the representative is a Company Manager by ticking the Participant is a company manager box
  7. Define whether the representative participates in matchmaking by ticking the Participant participates in 1x1 meetings box.

Finish creating the representative's profile by clicking on Create representative.

Impersonating Representatives

The Company Manager is able to impersonate representatives which allows them to manage their profiles. This includes editing their profiles, changing their attendances and booking meetings with other participants on their behalf.

  1. Click on Company representatives 

2. Choose the participant you want to impersonate and click on Impersonate user

Company Managers as seen by the event organizer

When the Company Representative feature is enabled, organizers also have the view per organization in the organizer's tool.

Here, the organizers can see all the participants related to the selected company.

In the organization profile panel, in the Manager column, there is the possibility to define managers. If the box is ticked, it means that these participants have also the role of a manager.

Note that the participants with the role of a guest (Company Representations) cannot have the role of a manager.

Additionally, in the organization profile panel, the organizers can add other participants as company representatives and assign them the role of a Company Manager.

The role of a Company Manager can be disabled at a later stage, by simply unticking on the box in the organization profile panel (Participants tab in the organization's profile panel). Then, the participant in question will only have the role of a member.

After adding the participants, they are automatically visible in the participants per organization view: Organization - click on the organization, then the profile panel opens - Participants.

You can find the list of the participant's meetings in the participant profile panel and the organizations profile panel, in the Meetings tab.

Read more about how the organizer can manage the meetings