Creating a New Event

Go to and log in or, if you are a new customer, register first.

After signing up and confirming your email address, you will get your event overview.

Create your first event by clicking on New Event.

Enter the basic information in the Create a new event area by filling in the fields here.

About event

1. Enter your event's name. Keep it short and simple.

2. Add a description of the event in one or two sentences. This information is used for search engines and will not be displayed on the event website. The maximum of characters allowed is 156 characters.

3. Choose the event's main topic. This will will improve your search engine results and makes your event searchable on

  • Also, the topic you choose will automatically generate the areas of activity in Configuration - Areas of Activity, which participants will be able to select during registration. You can edit the generated areas at any given time. If you choose Others as event topic, no areas of activity are generated and they need to be added from scratch. 

4. Add the event's main language. You will be able to add more languages after the event is created.

Event type