Edit Meeting

Editing meetings in the organizer tool

The Edit meeting panel in the organizer tool enables the organizer to edit the information regarding the meeting: the status, the host and guest (for the b2match newer version), adding participants to 1:1 meetings

Meeting is accepted

The Meeting is accepted toggle button is enabled depending on the status of the meeting as follows:
  • Enabled for accepted and scheduled meetings
    • When turning off the toggle button, the guest will now have to accept (or reject) the meeting.
  • Disabled for pending meetings.
    • When turning on the toggle button, the meeting to be immediately accepted and added to the participants' agendas.

Host and guest

Here, the participants involved in the 1:1 meetings are displayed

  • The host - the participant who sent the meeting request
  • The guest - the participant who received the meeting request

Search for adding additional participants bar

Here you can search and add extra participants to the initial 1:1 meeting.

Dates of matchmaking sessions

Here you can see he dates of the event's matchmaking sessions with the respective time slots (all the dates when there are matchmaking sessions throughout the event).