Event Information

An overview of the section where the organizers add the generic information about the event

About My Event

  • Event title - the title as it will be shown on the website. Don't use the location or the date, as they will be shown anyway on the website. You can use a maximum of 50 characters
  • Description - this information is used for search engines and will not be displayed on the event website. You can use a maximum of 160 characters including spaces

Date & Location

  • Date and time zone - define how the event date will be displayed on the event website and email notifications 
  • Venue time zone - set the the time zone of your event by selecting it from the dropdown menu
  • Location
    Country, city, postal code, street, location details
    - if provided, the location details will be shown on your event website.

Virtual events should not have a defined location. Select 'No country' for the country field and leave the rest of the fields empty.

Website Language

This setting defines the event website language.

  • Primary language - defines the website's primary language
  • Multilingual - tick yes if your website is multilingual and choose your language from the dropdown list. Note that this feature is not part of all packages. 

Participants Visibility

The options below define the visibility rules between participation types and anyone with the link (any website visitor who accesses the Participants page). Read more


The organizer can choose one of the messaging options below.

  • Enable messaging 

    Participants will be able to send messages to everyone, without a meeting request or having an accepted or pending meeting.

  • Restricted messaging

    Participants will only be able to send messages to participants they have a meeting with. This applied to the accepted and pending meetings also.

  • Disable messaging

    Participants will not be able to send messages to anyone. Meetings requests will undergo without a message exchange.

Analytics & Reporting

Here you can set the tools in order to track your event website traffic.