GoToWebinar Integration

In order to integrate one of the GoTo tools into b2match, you need to connect your GoTo account by accessing Configuration - Integrations - GoTo - Connect with GoTo in the b2match platform. GoToWebinar is the most popular GoTo product implemented within the b2match platform.

Once the GoTo account has been configured, the organizer needs to create the sessions in the b2match platform, and the GoToWebinar tool. The b2match session needs to have the same date and time as the one set in GoToWebinar.

Once created, the link of the GoToWebinar session needs to be entered in Agenda - edit the session you want to organize via GoToWebinar - Settings - choose Integrated Webinar through GoTo Webinar and paste the webinar URL here.

  • organizer - the organizer creates the webinar and has all the admin rights. The organizer has to also start the webinar outside the b2match platform, through the GoToWebinar interface;
  • co-organizers - the co-organizers help the organizer moderate the session in GoToWebinar. They need to login through the Join online button in the organiser's tool - Agenda;
  • panelists - the panelists are the speakers of the webinar. In order to join the GoToWebinar as panelists, they need to be marked as speakers in the b2match platform;
  • registrants - the regular attendees which can only listen. They can access the webinar through the Join online button in their agenda.
We recommend the organizers to turn off the automatic registration notification in the GoToWebinar tool, since they will receive a registration notification from the b2match platform. The participants are able to join 10 minutes before the webinar starts, but not when the webinar is over, so the organizers should pay attention that the two sessions (GoToWebinar and b2match) have the same date and starting time.