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How Participants Make Payments

Learn how participants can pay for their tickets using different payment methods and download invoices and confirmations.


In case the Payment add-on is not enabled on your event, please contact support@b2match.com.


The participants can make payments during the last step of the registration process.

The payment method is selected at the beginning.

The promotion code can be inserted on the right.

Once participants apply their promotion code, the price will be reduced accordingly.


Paying With A Credit Card

In case participants are paying with a credit card, they need to enter their credit card number, CVC number and the expiration date. Once completed, they will be redirected to the confirmation screen.

Here they can download a PDF version of their invoice, or they can go directly to their participant dashboard.


Paying With PayPal

If they select PayPal as their payment method, once they click "Finish Payment" at the bottom of the screen, they will be redirected to this page:

Once they click the PayPal check out button, they will be redirected to PayPal where they can complete their payment.


Payments Via Bank Transfer

In case participants selected the bank transfer method, once they click "Finish Payment", they will be redirected to this page:

The text in the blue section matches the text added in the "Bank Account Details" section in the Payment Settings.

As opposed to other payment methods, with the bank transfer participants can pay at a later stage. Until they do, they will see a red notification informing them that they haven't paid yet.

By clicking the "Your payment information" button, participants can access the information needed to make a payment.

They can also change their payment method by clicking the "Change payment & billing" button.

As opposed to other payment methods, for the bank transfer method the payment status in the organizer's tool will be "Pending" until you manually confirm that the participant has paid. For more information, read our article Managing Tickets and Payments.


Invoices, Pro Forma Invoices, and Payment Confirmations

Participants can download different PDF documents related to their payments, based on their payment method and status.

Downloading Invoices

Once the participants have paid for their ticket (their payment status in the organizer's tool is marked as "Paid"), they can download a PDF invoice.

Invoices are automatically generated by b2match. To learn more about how to change invoice content, please check out Customizing Invoices.

Participants can also download a new invoice if their payment has been refunded.

Downloading Pro-forma Invoices

Participants can download PDF pro-forma invoices for payments with a "pending" status. They are issued when:

  • the participant has not chosen a payment method yet
  • the participant has selected the payment method but did not complete the checkout
  • the participant selected payment via invoice as a payment method
    • in this case, the organizers have to confirm the payment and switch the payment status to paid manually

Downloading Confirmations

Participants can download a confirmation when their payment status is set as "Free", which means that a 100% promotion code was applied or that they selected a free ticket.

This document is usually used as an official confirmation of the registration.


Payment Approval & Payment Skipping

Payment Approval

When Payment Approval is enabled, participants skip the checkout process entirely and do not see any payment related information. Once you allow them to pay, participants will be notified via email, and can then finish the payment process described in this article.

In case you don't want participants to be able to make payments until you manually approve their registration, contact support@b2match.com

When to use the payment approval feature:

  • When free or significantly cheaper tickets are assigned to specific participation types
  • When certain tickets need to be bought by specific participation types only
  • When promotions codes need to be assigned after the participants’ registration

Payment Skipping

Participants can skip the payment when finishing the registration. This allows them to make the payment at a later stage.

In case you would like your participants to pay for the ticket before they finish their registration, please contact support@b2match.com.