Impersonating Participants

The organizers have the possibility to impersonate the participants and perform certain actions on their behalf. 

In order to impersonate a participant, go to Participants in the organizer's tool and click on the participant you want to impersonate. The participant profile panel will be displayed. Here, click on Impersonate User

You will be redirected to the participant's dashboard. 
At the top, the system will display the name of the participant you will impersonate, for the entire duration of the impersonating process.

As the event organizer, you can do the following in the participant's dashboard:

  • edit their profile - click on Edit my profile, below the participant photo
  • edit their attendance - click on My availability
  • answer the custom questions - click on Organizer questions
  • book their accommodation - click on Accommodation
  • add Marketplace entries - click on the + next to the Marketplace item you want to add
  • request meetings - go to Participants at the top of the page, choose the participant with whom you'd like to book a meeting, click on the profile preview and click on Request meeting
  • accept meetings - go to Meetings at the top of the page, click on Pending, choose the meeting you'd like to accept and click on Accept.
  • change the attendance type of the participant in hybrid events.

As the event organizer, you are not able to do the following:

  • change the participant's email address
  • change the participant's password
  • deactivate participant's account.

Participants list overview