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Importing Participants by Using Microsoft Excel

How to import a list of participants

In order to import a list of participants, the organizer has to access Import on the left side of the navigation panel. In preparation, please make sure the top row in your document has the correspondent name of the column and that there's an email address for every imported participant. Also, make sure the country names are written in English or use the ISO country code for this column. 

What information can be imported?

  • Email - one column has to be matched to the participant's email. The rest of the fields are not mandatory.

It's up to you to decide which information you want to import.  The more information you import, the quicker the registration will be for the participants.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Job description
  • Organization name
  • Phone number
  • Company website
  • City
  • Street
  • Postal code
  • Country
  • Participation type - provided that it is the same as the participant types defined on the event. 
  • Organization type - provided that it is the same as the organization types defined on the event.. 
  • Areas of activities - also, they need to match the already existing options. If you want to add new areas, add then in the event's configuration first, and make sure they are written in the same form as the ones in your document to import - including capital letters and symbols (Example: Farming and Crop Production can't be imported if it's written as Farming & crop production). When importing multiple areas of activity, make sure they are divided with a semicolon
  • Organization description - you can import up to 5000 characters per description. 
  • Activation status - if the organizer wants to import the activation status along with the other information, this can be done by adding a column in which each participant is marked with "Yes" or "No"
  • Attendance type (in case of hybrid events) - define whether the participants will attend the event remotely or on-site. When importing attendance types, make sure you use the terms onsite and remote.

How it works

  1. Click on Import Participants.
  2. Choose the source of the import, in this case your .xlsx File.
  3. Match the columns with the information in your file by clicking on Edit and Match column. One column has to be matched as email in order for the import to be successful. Make sure your information in the document corresponds with the information in the system, for example for Participation Type, if you have defined Buyer and Seller in the system, you need to add them to the participation type column in the exact way they are written in the system, including characters.

4. Click on Match Data. You will have a list of participants which with a status indicating their validity for the import. The ready to be imported participants will be marked as Valid.
The rest will be marked with Error and it will show you the reason why it can't be imported.

Email is invalid - the email is invalid, therefore the mandatory email field can't be filled in. Check the email and adjust the error in the Excel document.
Participant with that email is already invited - an invitation to this participant has already been sent from the b2match platform.
Participant with that email is already registered - the participant has registered or the organizer has registered the participant. This participant can be found in the Participants list in the organizer's tool.

5. Click on Import x participants.

Next, a list with the participants previously marked as Valid will be displayed. Here, you will also have a column with the invitation status and also, the possibility to register the participant yourself or delete them. 

You can proceed with inviting the participants to register by going to Messages - Outbox - Email to imports.

Importing the Activation status

If the organizer wants to import the activation status along with the other information, this can be done by adding a column in which each participant is marked with Yes or No. This possibility is useful when, for example, certain participants from a list need to be automatically activated, while others should wait for other organizer's activation.

Create a column in the document and name it Validated.

Add the Yes/No option for each participant. Once imported, if a participant has Validated - Yes in the document, this participant will be automatically activated in the system.