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Increasing Booking Numbers

Things the organizers should consider in order to increase the booking numbers for your event

Matchmaking events essentials

Needless to say, in a matchmaking event, the number of the bilateral meetings is the second most important figure, after the number of participants. That's why you might be interested in a series of factors which can influence your booking figures, thus the matchmaking success. 

By applying our tips and tricks you can easily increase your booking numbers by 20 to 40%.

Parameters affecting booking numbers in general

  • Number of participants attending the event

    • Keep registration and booking open as long as possible, preferably until the day of the event
    • Keep participants visibility public; making participants profiles publicly accessible will convince more participants to register.
  • Number of participants attending the matchmaking

    • Convince the participants to register for the matchmaking sessions, if they haven't done so yet.
    • Send an outbox message to all participants not having registered to the matchmaking sessions suggesting them to select matchmaking sessions in case they want to send and receive b2b meeting requests.
      Take a look at our template here
  • Number and quality of Marketplace opportunities

    • Encourage participants to add marketplace entries. By doing so they can expect more meeting requests, as booking decisions are often based on the published Marketplace opportunities.
  • Sending consistent booking reminders through Outbox Messages

    • Adding links and/or action buttons in the outbox messages will give participants direct access to their personalized dashboard, attendance or meeting list. 

Parameters affecting booking numbers after the booking has open

  • The possibility to book/confirm meetings until the day of the event

    • It's a fact, the majority of the participants arrange their bookings the last week before the event. Thus keep the booking time frame open as long as possible, preferably until the day of the event.
  • Number and content of booking reminders sent through Outbox Messages

    • Despite the automated booking notifications sent by the b2match system, reminding the participants about the matchmaking can push booking figures. Consider addressing smaller participant groups and tailor your messages accordingly.
  • Timelines for sending your emails with the reminders

    • 0-2 days after the booking has opened
      Send your participants an email to let them know that the booking has opened: Event name - Booking has opened - Tips & further advice
    • Middle of booking phase
      Send your participants and email to remind them that the booking has opened and that they can book meetings and confirm meeting requests
    • 4-5 days before the event
      Send your participants and email to remind them that there are only 4/5 days left to manage their 1:1 meetings (book & confirm)
    • 1-2 days after the event
      Send your participants an email to let them know about their personalized agenda:
      Event name - Your personalized agenda & further information

Notifications vs. email campaigns: in case you preference individualized email campaigns against the automatized notifications consider deactivating the notifications to reduce the number of emails received by participants
As alternative, you can activate the notifications only in the week before the event. 

  • Contacting participants via phone

    • Convince participants to book or confirm meeting requests through phone calls. Tips for selection criteria: participants who received many meetings requests but haven't confirmed any of them, local companies, etc.
    • Get help from your co-organizers in regards to participant engagement.

'Call for Actions' emails timeline


Relevance of action points throughout the booking phase

Recipients list

Call for actions Before Start During Closing
Signing up for matchmaking sessions High High Low   Not signed up for matchmaking
Publish your Marketplace opportunities High High Low   No Marketplace profiles published
Send meeting requests   High     Attending matchmaking
Download the b2match app   High High High All
Book meetings reminder     High   Attending matchmaking
Confirm or decline meeting requests     High High Having pending meeting requests
Cancel your attendance in case you can't attend     High High All
Your personalized event schedule       High All