Integrated Video Conferencing through Daily

Daily is a video conferencing tool for group video calls which is integrated to the b2match platform.

Daily general features list

  • A maximum of 200 participants per video call
  • A maximum of 25 participants can be seen on the interface while in the meeting
  • 100% Browser operated, no need to install anything or to create an account  
  • Chat (with the possibility to download a copy of the chat history as a text file)
  • Dual screen shares (only in Google Chrome)
  • Screen sharing (Chrome for the best screen share experience).

Features dedicated to participants

  • Personalizing the view (Speaker View and Grid view)
  • Adjusting the in-call quality (High Quality vs Low Quality vs No camera)
  • Checking the network quality and bandwidth in use
  • Changing the participant's displayed name
  • Changing the meeting's language
  • Screen-sharing and chatting.

Features dedicated to organizers

  • Mute the camera/microphone of all participants
  • Remove participants from the meeting
  • Record the session.

How to activate it for your session

Go to Agenda, edit the session, choose Online/Virtual Session, then External Video Conferencing and save.
You can have numerous parallel sessions. 

Number of people who can join a session

Up to 200 people can join the Daily meetings, and up to 25 people can have their cameras turned on.

In order to reduce the number of participants who register for a video conference organized with Daily, set a participant limit for the session.

Recommended browser

Google Chrome

Internet Explorer is not supported.

Organizer view

The organizer can join the video conference from the organizer’s tool - Agenda - Join online.

By clicking on the three dots icon next to a participant name, the organizer is able to do the following:

  • mute the participant (Mute microphone)
  • turn off the participant's camera (Turn off camera)
  • pin the participant to the main window (Pin participant)
  • remove the participant from the meeting (Remove from call).

The organizer is also able to mute all participants by using the Mute all button.
Participants can unmute themselves and turn on their camera at any given time.

Participant view

The participants are able to join the meetings through their agendas (by clicking on the Join online button). The button will become active 10 minutes before the session starts and will remain active until the end of the session.

The participants can personalize their view by opting for the Speaker view or the Grid view.

The Speaker view will display a magnified view of the person speaking (or the last person who was speaking) while the Grid view will display up to 25 participants in a grid.

The participant are able to share their screen with audio and use the chat during the session.

The language of the meeting interface will be the participant's device language, provided that Daily supports it. Otherwise it will be English. The participant is able to change it by going to Settings and Language.

In Settings the audio, video, and the video quality can also be adjusted.

Recording the session

You can easily enable the recording for a certain session and download the files afterwards.