Booking and Rating Meetings

Booking Meetings

  • Go to the Participants list where you can see a list of profile previews and the participants' statuses
  • Click on the preview or on the arrow in order to see the participant's full profile and to book a meeting
  • Click on Request meeting.
Depending on the matchmaking settings chosen by the organizers, the participant will either have to choose a time-slot, the meeting will be automatically accepted or the meeting will be pending until the invitee accepts it.

Checking Your Agenda

  • Click on Agenda and then My Agenda at the top to see your attendance at the event, the entirety of the sessions you chose
  • Click on Meetings to see the list of your meetings.

Rating the Meetings

Participants can give immediate feedback for the meetings that took place. 

  • Go to Meetings and choose the meeting that you want to evaluate 
  • Tap on Leave feedback for this meeting
  • Rate the meeting by choosing one of the options: Did not take place, Insufficient interest, Very informative but no cooperation planned or Cooperation possible. You can only choose one option. Tick the box next to your option and click on Next.



  • Write an additional comment for the feedback in the Additional comment area
  • Click on Finish
  • Your meeting is now rated. The feedback can only be seen by the event organizers.