Community Management Platform

The Community Management Platform allows the organizers to set and manage a series of sessions throughout one year's time. The platform enables participants to connect, communicate and exchange long-term, even after the main event has happened.

The Community Management Platform's one year license enables the matchmaking throughout the whole year and the ability to host webinars or other sessions monthly.

How to set it up

After you have been in touch with your Sales or Customer Success representative, follow the usual steps that you take while creating an event. Also keep in mind the below.

  • create your usual b2match event. We will make sure you can add sessions to it throughout one year's time
  • choose your topic carefully, as it will generate your Areas of Activities
  • set the date of the first sessions. You can add more sessions later.
    Sessions that are already in the past can be unpublished, so they won't appear in the agenda anymore.

What's included in the CMP