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Configuring Registration

b2match allows event organizers to customize the participant registration to a certain extent. Below we are showing you what can be adapted to your event and what is part of our fixed event frame. 

Registration Time Frame

The registration time frame determines the period of time in which the attendees can register for your event. The date is adjustable and can be set by the organizer in the organizer's tool.

Go to Configuration - Registration Settings and set a Registration Time Frame.

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Participant Types

Participant types are used to group specific participants and it will be requested during the registration process. This is a simple way to categorize your participants and is required if you would like to set booking or registration rules.

If you set participant types, this will be the first thing that the participants will have to select after entering their email and password.

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Personal Information

The participants are required to add their personal information during registration. The name is mandatory information by default. Contact us if you need the job position and phone number to be set as mandatory information.
Time zone has particular relevance when the event is a virtual one. The list of time zones as listed in the b2match system is taken from the agreed official protocols and is not customizable.
  • https://www.iana.org/time-zones
  • https://timezonedb.com/time-zones

Organization Information

The organization name is mandatory information to be entered by participants. Contact us if you need the job organization type and description to be set as non-mandatory information. 
Participants can enter a maximum of 5000 characters in the Organization description field. This information will be visible for other participants on the participants list on the website. The logo needs to have a minimum of 300 px.

Organization type - participants can choose an organization type when they sign up for the event. The organization type is used to categorize participants. This makes it easier for participants to find the right meeting partner as it will be a filter on the participants list on the website. The organization type can be set by organizers in the organizer's tool in Configuration - Organization Types.

Areas of Activity

Areas of Activity enable participants to classify their business and they very useful when participants search for suitable meeting partners. A participant can choose multiple areas of activity during registration. The organizer can set the areas in the organizer's tool in Configuration - Areas of Activity.

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The country and the city are mandatory by default. Contact us if you need these fields to be non-mandatory.

Custom Questions

Organizers can extend the registration form with custom questions in order to obtain specific information from participants. The answers can be shown on the participants list on the website or they can be kept for the organizers' information alone.

Read more about Custom Questions if you want to add them to the registration.