Email Deliverability

  • Delivered - means that that message has been accepted by the recipients email server.
  • Opened - to every message b2match will add a small invisible image. When the email client tries to display the image, we mark the message as "Opened". This information is only accurate if the email client displays the image. Some email clients do not open images automatically and can't be tracked.
  • Clicked - this is accomplished by rewriting links in the emails and adding additional parameters. These parameters carry information about the message. When the user clicks on such link, we will get notified and mark the message as 'Clicked'. This is currently disabled due to to some privacy concerns but will be improved in future release.

The most accurate information is 'delivered', but it does not necessarily mean that the participant has opened the message. For example, if the system shows 99% delivered and 60% opened, it means that 99% emails have been accepted by recipients' email servers. However, it doesn't necessarily mean that only 60% have opened the message, it means that 60% opens were tracked.