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Importing Participants From Previous Events

An organizer is able to import participants from a previous event only if they were the owner of the event. If not, contact us and we will assign you the ownership (only possible if the past event ownership belongs to your organization, or you have an approval from the event owner).

In order to import a list of participants from a previous event, the organizer has to access Import on the left side of the navigation panel.

  • Click on Import Participant and choose the source of your import - in this case Previous Events.
  • Choose the event from which you want to import participants from. 
  • The list of the imported participants will be displayed. You can proceed with inviting the participants to register by going to Messages - Outbox - Email to imports. 

    You can also make the registration on the participant's behalf.

Information which will be imported to the new event, provided that the participant filled it in in the source event:

  • first name, last name
  • email address
  • phone number, mobile phone number
  • street, zip, city, country
  • job description
  • organization name, organization description
  • organization type - provided the one chosen by the participant in the source event exists in the new event 
  • participation type - provided the one chosen by the participant in the source event exists in the new event
  • areas of activity - provided the areas chosen by the participant in the source event exist in the new event.

Create Participant

If you want to do the registration for the event on the participant's behalf, click on Register.

The participant data will be pre-filled with the imported information. Edit the information if the case, check the Visibility and Validation cases (if you want that the participant is visible to other participants and validated), confirm that the participant has allowed you to register them on your behalf and save the information.

In case of hybrid events, you need to choose how the participant will attend the event: on-site or remote.