Message Templates

Professional and clear email templates to help your participants have their best event with you.

Email communication is a key factor in the success of an event. You have to email your participants multiple times during the course of an event to encourage them to finish their registration, file out their profile, and arrange 1:1 meetings. Without gentle reminders, clear guides on where to go and what to click, you won't see the meeting numbers you envision for your event.

Our Customer Success team has seen lots of events. They know which email messages are effective. So they created the best templates for you to use. They also suggest the best time to send them. 


Test your emails before sending them to your participants.

Proof your content
Read and reread to catch any mistakes or typos. 

Send a test email
Send a test email to your own email address. 

See how it looks on your mobile device

Check the email you sent yourself on your computer, mobile, and tablet. 

Ask for testing volunteers

Ask colleagues to review your email. Fresh eyes might catch what you might miss. 

Email Subject Line For Whom/Purpose When to Send Out
Invitation to Participate Again

To imported participants from a previous event.

Information about the up-coming event and some reasons why to participate again

When the event is published and you want to invite participants who attended a previous edition
Invitation to Join the b2b Matchmaking

To imported participants from an external conference platform.

Announcing the possibilities of publishing business profiles and managing b2b meetings at the event.

When you want to invite participants from another platform to the b2match platform
Publish Offers/Requests For participants who haven't published offers/requests. 4 weeks before the event
Booking Has Opened All participants. 3 weeks before the event
Join Matchmaking Sessions Participants who haven’t selected any matchmaking session. 1 week after booking has opened
Join Agenda Sessions For participants who haven't selected any event sessions. 1 week after registration has opened
Your Event Agenda All participants. 3 days before the event
Feedback Participants to rate event and b2b meetings (if any) 2 to 3 days after the event ends
Post Event  Networking All participants. When the booking is prolonged