Message Template - Feedback

A template to help get you started. Read through carefully to add or switch out text relevant to your event.

Subject: Event name – Rate the Event and Your b2b Meetings

Dear [add the FULL_NAME placeholder here see the Variable button],

Thank you for participating in the event name.

We hope that you met interesting people and create valuable partnerships from this event. 

May we please request that you rate this event. It will take 3 minutes of your time. 

* Your feedback helps us to improve our services in supporting your search for partnerships

* Your feedback helps us to get an idea about the status of your 1:1 meetings

Feedback Link:

Add the Feedback action button here. Text to be displayed: "My Event Feedback"

Kind regards

The Event Organizer(s)


A screenshot of how this email looks in the b2match message editor.