Message Template - Join Agenda Sessions

A template to help get you started. Read through carefully to add or switch out text relevant to your event.

Goal: More participants should join the event sessions

Recipients: Participants who have not selected any event session yet.

Login and select the Menu: Messages | Outbox --> Emails to Participants

Go to blue box in upper right corner Filter Recipients 

To identify the proper list of recipients please apply the following filter(s):

Sessions = no sessions

Subject: Event name - Sign Up for Workshops, Exhibitions

Dear [add the FULL_NAME placeholder here see the Variable button],

Thank you for having registered for event name.

Insert the Home action link here with the text: name of your event

Event Image (size suggestion 1000x120px)

We have a full Event Agenda offering you the possibility to indicate at which event sessions you prefer to attend (workshops, exhibitions, site visits). As some of these event sessions take place in parallel, we need to know your preferences due to limited capacities.

How to Sign Up for the Event Sessions 
Click on the link below and activate at least one session or timeslot.

Insert the Attendance action button or link here with the text: "Select event sessions"

Yours sincerely

Event Organizer(s)


A screenshot of what this email looks like in the b2match messages tool.


Join agenda session