Virtual Events Overview

The virtual meetings and conferences are event sessions taking place through a video communication tool, with participants attending them remotely.

What kind of virtual events can be managed with b2match?

  • 1:1 networking events
    Buyer/Seller, Investor/Start-ups, Manufacturers/Supplier networking
  •  Conferences and exhibitions
    Involving presentations, workshops, round table meetings, pitching sessions, 1:1 meetings, etc.

Summary of b2match virtual features

  • Virtual meetings taking place through the b2match platform through our integrated video tool
  • Virtual meetings with long term matchmaking taking taken place through the b2match platform through our integrated video tool, with a long term matchmaking time span, where meetings can take place for days or months
  • Online sessions integrated to the b2match platform through our integrated video tool; the event organizer can act as a moderator and can nominate up to 9 speakers during the conference. Up to 9 people can be visible within one video call or webinar. Up to 20 participants can actively discuss topics and up to 100 attendees can participate just to watch the session. 
  • Online sessions taken place though other software providers (Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, or any other streaming provider), integrated to the b2match agenda.

How to enable the virtual solutions for an event

  • Have you already discussed your event related needs with our Sales team?
  • If so, and if you already created your event, the virtual features should already be available for your event. Check our documentation above and do some test registrations.
  • Contact our Support team if you have additional questions.
  • If you already created an event which was supposed to take place on-site and you want to switch it to virtual, read more here.