Second Stage Meeting Ratings

The Second Stage Meeting Ratings are used to create a second round of meeting ratings.

Usually, the organizers send it approximately 6 months after the event. They use it to get information on whether the meetings were successful or how many successful agreements have been reached.

Preparing the Second Stage Meeting Ratings

In order to manage the Second Stage Meeting Ratings, follow the steps below.

  • go to Configuration - Feedback - Meetings ratings and add the rating labels for the Second Stage Meeting Ratings.

  • here are our suggestions:
    • No further contact
    • No further contact (but knowledge gain)
    • Valuable contact for future projects
    • Negotiation started
    • Cooperation agreement reached
  • make sure the Feedback Questions section is disabled; these are the generic questions referring to the event which the organizers usually ask immediately after the event. Therefore, they don't need to be enabled for the Second Stage Meeting Ratings.
  • enable Second Stage Meeting Ratings by clicking on the button next to it.

  • let the participants know about the Second Stage Meeting Ratings by sending them an outbox message.

Example: Event Name - How have your bilateral meetings evolved?
Dear participant,

You actively participated in the *event name* and attended the bilateral meeting sessions. Now, a few months later, we would like to know if you actually established any cooperation or the stage of the discussion or the negotiation process.

Click on the link below to see the list of all your bilateral meetings.

Please take a few moments to review it and give us an indication of the meeting follow-up. Without your feedback, it is difficult for us to justify resources for future similar events.

Add action button Feedback; suggested text for the action button: View & rate my bilateral meetings

Best regards,
The Event Organizers

  • make sure you only select Has scheduled meetings for the Meetings status, as this feedback only concerns participants with scheduled meetings.
Send a test to your email address in order to receive the outbox message in your inbox and see it the way participants will see it.

As seen by the participants

When clicking on the Feedback action button, the participants will see the list of the meeting, where they can rate them and add comments. Choosing one rating option is mandatory.