Mark Organizations as Sponsors

You can mark the organizations attending your event as sponsors. Once marked, the sponsors will be displayed on a separate page on the event website. You can group them according to how visible their logos should be on the above mentioned page.

How to enable it

This feature is only available for some of our packages. If you need this feature, contact us.

How to mark the organizations as sponsors

  • Go to Organizations in the organizer's tool and click on the organization's row. The organization's profile panel will open 
  • Go to Sponsor group and edit. Mark your company a primary sponsor, a second group sponsor, a third group sponsor or a partner. Don't forget to save your choices.

How to group the sponsors on the page

  • Go to Configuration - Participant section - Sponsor Groups in the organizer's tool
  • Create the sponsor group. Give it a name, a headline and a category. 
    Depending on the category, the size of the  logos will be different, with Category 1 having the largest logos. Also, the category determines the number of logos that can be displayed in a row

How it's displayed

An example of a sponsors page can be found on the Österreichischer Exporttag 2021 event page.