Updating Participants about Event Agenda

How to let the participants know about their agenda

One to three days prior to the event, the majority of the meetings should be already scheduled, therefore they will be displayed on the participants' agendas. 

The organizer should let participants know that their agenda is almost final (sometimes even final, if the organizer is closing the booking). This can be done through an email to all registered and validated participants (go to Messages - Outbox - Email to participants).

Make sure you include the Agenda link or the Agenda Action Button in your email. You can find a template for the email here.

Each participant accessing the link/action button in their email will have access to

  • My agenda - participant's own personalized agenda, including the selected sessions and the scheduled meetings
  • Full event agenda - the event's full agenda
  • Download agenda as PDF - the ability to download the agenda in PDF format

This email is also an opportunity to put any information that might be necessary for the actually event that is about to take place. 

The participants who should receive the final agenda should be chosen based in the following criteria:

  1. Validated participants - Validated - Yes
  2. Meeting status - Has scheduled meetings

Participants can subscribe their agendas to their calendar, by clicking on My Agenda and Subscribe to Calendar.