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Preparing the On-site Experience

How to prepare for the on-site experience for organizers

How you prepare the on-site experience is of course highly related on your event type. However, we want to give you some general insides on how you can take better care of your event.

Setting up the matchmaking tables

The way you set your tables depends highly on your venue. In general we would recommend to rather use small tables and to keep them close by, so that participants don’t have to search for each other. Make sure that you make the table cards clearly visible. We recommend using number plates but a simple folded A4 paper with the table number on it will also do its service.

Advise the participants to check their final meetings schedule

Make sure the participants are aware of their final agenda.
Participants agendas can be printed in batches or individually, but they are also available in the b2match app. You can advise participants to use the app or make the schedules available for the participants to pick up at the reception desk. In order to print them, go to Export and download the All Schedules document. The schedules are also available per tables and per time-slots.

On-site support

  • Make sure that you or one of your colleagues familiar with the matchmaking process is present at the matchmaking event. Alternatively, b2match also offers on-site support
  • Set up a booth where matchmaking participants can contact you in case of questions regarding their meetings. Keep a laptop with you in order to be able to manage meetings on the spot
  • A printer can be useful in case a participant has last minute changes in their agenda or they don't use the app and they need their schedule
  • An extra computer where the participants can continue to register and request/accept meetings can be helpful
  • Consider having a bell on site in order to signal the end of each matchmaking session. Alternatively, you can use an app for that, or you can leave it to participants to end their meetings and start the next ones on the agenda.