Message Templates - Invitations to Join the Matchmaking

Templates to help you kick the matchmaking. Read through carefully to add or switch out text relevant to your event

Template 1

Subject: Event Name – Matchmaking is Open! Start Your Bookings

Dear [add name variable],

Once more, thank you for signing up for Event Name.

As from today the matchmaking has been opened for all participants.

This means you can send meeting requests to participants you want to meet. 

Meetings can be scheduled on date and date within the matchmaking sessions [add matchmaking sessions names] if there are time slots available. If you are not able to schedule a meeting please check if you have registered for the matchmaking session on that day. You can do this in your profile under 'My availability'.

Please click on the following link to invite participants for meetings:

Insert action button redirecting to the Participants page

Meetings will take place through the integrated b2match video call facility and can be accessed through your personal agenda:

Insert action button redirecting to the Agenda page

Wishing you many interesting meetings!

Kind Regards,
The Event Organizers

Template 2

Subject: Event Name – Let the Matchmaking Start!

Dear [add name variable],

The matchmaking feature is now available!

All Event Name attendees can now arrange 1:1 meetings on our online platform. This allows everyone to search for the perfect match before the event and meet face-to-face on date and time.

What are 1:1 meetings?

During the event we provide a room with X tables where the 1:1 meetings happen. In total there are X matchmaking sessions. Each meeting lasts X minutes, then the next group of matches meets. The time-slots and the tables are limited. The meetings need to be booked through the b2match platform.

Click here (insert a link to the Participants page) to browse through the participants list

Click here (insert a link to the Agenda page) to check your agenda

Become an Event Name participant and find your perfect match!

Happy matchmaking!

Kind Regards,
The Event Organizers