Message Template - Booking Has Opened

A template to help get you started. Read through carefully to add or switch out text relevant to your event.

To create this template please login to the b2match platform and go to Messages - Email to participants. You can filter the recipients as follows:
  • Status = Registered
  • Validation = Validated
  • Matchmaking = Participating in matchmaking (if only b2b participants to be taken)

Subject: Event Name | Booking Has Opened – Tips and Advice

Dear [add the FULL_NAME placeholder here see the Variable button],

Thank you for registering for event name/event website link.

(Event image to be inserted here. Suggested size 1000x120).

999 companies have registered and published 999 business opportunities for this event.

Insert a Participants action button with text “View Participant Profiles”

Insert a Marketplace action button with text “View Marketplace Entries”

Tips on How to Make Your Event Visit a Success

  • Book Meetings 

Every successful cooperation/business starts with a first contact. Scan the participants' profiles, identify interesting companies and send an invitation for a meeting. Add why your request could be beneficial, which significantly enhances meeting acceptance rates.

Insert the Book Meetings action link here with the text "Book Meetings"

  • Pending Meeting Requests 

Please login and check if you have pending meetings.

Insert the Meetings action link here with the text "Confirm or Decline Meetings"

  • Publish High Quality Marketplace Profile 

Participants who publish meaningful Marketplace profiles receive more meeting requests and have a higher acceptance rate.

After login please add your Marketplace opportunities

Insert the Dashboard action button/link here with the text "Access my Profile"

  • Download the b2match App
    * Check and confirm incoming meeting requests
    * Access your meeting schedule

The b2match app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple Store 

Kind regards | The Event Organizer

P.S. Can't send or receive meeting requests? Did you select one of the given matchmaking sessions in the event registration form? If not, please activate. Then you can send and receive meeting requests.

In order to join matchmaking, login, go to (insert meetings link) Meetings and click on Availability on the upper right hand corner.


Screenshot of this email in the b2match message editor.

Booking Has Opened