Message Template - Publish Offers/Requests (Marketplace Opportunities)

A template to encourage participants to publish business deals. Read through carefully to add or switch out text relevant to your event.


To identify the proper list of recipients please apply the following filter:

Marketplace = Without marketplace opportunities

Subject: Event Name – Let participants know what you’re offering or requesting

Dear [add name variable],

We've noticed that you haven't published any business opportunities in the event conference Marketplace yet. Your company visibility and number of business meeting requests will be below average.

Take the chance and use the Marketplace options to publish and showcase your company’s:
- Innovative products, services or expertise
- Projects, partnership or investments
- Demand for a specific product or solution.

Let conference participants know what your company has to offer or more details about your request.

See What Kind of Products, Services, Requests Others Have Promoted 

Insert the the Marketplace action button with the text: "Click to see the published profiles"

How to Publish Your Entries on Marketplace 

After login use the following buttons to add your entries.
Product, Service, Project, Partnership, Investment, Expertise, Request

Add the Dashboard action button with the text to be displayed: "Access my profile"

Participants publishing meaningful Marketplace profiles receive more and higher quality meeting requests. Also your own meeting requests will have a higher acceptance rate.

Kind regards
The Event Organizers