Message Template - Your Event Agenda

A template to help get you started. Read through carefully to add or switch out text relevant to your event.

To create this template please login to the b2match platform and go to Messages - Email to participants

Click on the blue Filter Recipients button in the upper right corner. 

To identify the proper list of recipients please apply the following filter(s):

  • Validated --> is --> Yes
    This way all validated participants will receive the mailing and their individual event agenda. In case you only want to send the agenda (meeting schedule) to participants having meetings please add a further filter via "+ Add filter" and add the following condition:
    • Meetings Status --> is --> Has scheduled meetings

Subject: Event name – Your Personalized Agenda 

Dear [add the FULL_NAME placeholder here see the Variable button],

Insert the Home action link here with the text: name of your event

Thank you for registering for our event.

Event Image (size suggestion 1000x120px)

About 80-90% of the expected 1:1 meetings have been scheduled already. It’s now time to download your event agenda and meeting schedule.

Download your event agenda and meeting schedule 

Add the Agenda action button here. Text to be displayed: "Download Your Event Agenda and Meeting Schedule"

Download the b2match app: stay up-to-date
Since more meetings will be booked and accepted, we recommend downloading the b2match Mobile App at Google Play App Store or Apple App Store to get access to the most recent version of your 1:1 meeting schedule.
* Check and confirm incoming meeting requests
* Access your meeting schedule
* Manage further meetings during the event

Event organizer note: It is best practice to keep booking open until the day of the event so please add the following advice (otherwise delete):

Manage More Meetings 
Sending and accepting meeting requests is still possible.

Add the Participants action button here. Text to be displayed: "Book more meetings"
Add the Meetings action button here. Text to be displayed: "Confirm/decline meetings"
Add the Attendance action button here. Text to be displayed: "Cancel my participation"

Kind regards | The Event Organizer(s)


A screenshot of what this email looks like in the b2match message editor tool. 

Event agenda