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Organizer's Checklist Before Booking Starts

Before booking starts, you need to make sure that the participants' profiles are updated, relevant messages are sent and the matchmaking settings are correctly set. This includes the items below.

Matchmaking settings are defined

Before booking starts, make sure your matchmaking settings are set according to your needs. b2match offers a variety of options and recommends that you choose the right option for your event before the booking starts. 

You can change your matchmaking settings before the booking has started in Configuration - Matchmaking Settings. Once you have a considerable number of bookings, please contact us before changing the matchmaking settings.

Matchmaking sessions are defined

Before opening the booking, check your agenda to make sure your sessions are well defined, and the meetings' length and the tables number are set according to your needs. 

A matchmaking session should include several time slots. b2match recommends you create two matchmaking sessions, morning and afternoon, 20-30 minutes per meeting. You can change the tables number at any given time.

Participants’ status and profile is checked

If you spot the followings in your participants' list, make sure you contact them by phone or custom emails: no matchmaking sessions selected, no organization description, no marketplace.

If you enabled participant validation, you need to validate the participants in order for them to participate in matchmaking and be visible for other participants.

Invite the participants to book meetings 

We recommend you let the participants know that the booking time frame is now open by sending a customized email to the participants. Participants without own booking will be reminded to book own meetings by a notification automatically sent by the system every 2 days.

Encourage participants to join matchmaking

If there are participants with no matchmaking sessions selected, contact them and encourage them to participate in matchmaking. They should update their attendance with at least one matchmaking session if they want to send and receive meeting requests.

Keep registration open until the day before the event

Registration should remain open until one day before the event, as statistics say, that the majority of the participants will register and book meetings in the last week before the event.

Keep booking open during the event and encourage participants to use the b2match app 

Participants can use the b2match app in order to book additional meetings on the day of the event. 

You can change the matchmaking time frame in Configuration - Matchmaking Settings - Booking Time Frame.