Registering for the Event

The registration guide for the participant

If you want to participate to an event organized with b2match, you need to register for this event through our platform. Every registration creates a participant profile. Every participant profile is associated with one email address.

1. Click on Register and enter your credentials

In case you already have a b2match profile, you need to register with the email address that you used with our platform before. Otherwise, just follow the registration steps, with using your preferred email. Please note you will be receiving emails from the organizers and notifications from the system.

  • Click on Register on the event website
  • Enter your email address and click on Continue with email. Alternatively, you can log in using your Google or LinkedIn account.
  • Enter your password if you already used b2match before and create a password if you haven't. Tick the box to agree the terms of service and privacy policy.

Registering with LinkedIn

If you choose to register for the event by using LinkedIn, you need to authorize b2match to use your LinkedIn name, photo and email address associated with your LinkedIn account. You need to enter the LinkedIn credentials (email and password) and click on Allow. Keep in mind that most of the LinkedIn accounts are created with personal email addresses, therefore you will register the event with your personal email address.

Your name and photo (as added in LinkedIn) will be pre-filled in the b2match registration.

Registering with Google

If you choose to register for the event by using Google, one of your Google accounts needs to be picked as a first step (in case you have several). 

2. Choose your participation type

If the organizer set participation types, you will be prompted to choose one as soon as you enter your credentials. Depending on the event settings, the participation type will be shown only to the organizer, or it will be visible to other participants, too.

For hybrid events, which also allow virtual meetings, you need to specify whether your attendance will be a remote one or you will be attending the event on-site.

3. Fill in your profile information

Complete your profile by adding information about you and your organization. Some information could be mandatory, depending on the event settings decided by the event organizer: job position, phone number, organization name, organization type, organization description, address (at least city and country), areas of activity (at least one area) and any mandatory questions added by the organizers. 

4. Plan your attendance

Plan your attendance by selecting the session you are interested in. According to the settings applied by the organisers, you will be able to select only one session in one particular time slot or several sessions in one time slot; some sessions having the same track can be mandatory or you are free to choose your sessions the way you like. 

Once you have planned your attendance, you will be redirected to your dashboard.

Depending on the settings applied by the organizers, you will have the Your profile is waiting to be activated message. If so, you will receive a notification by email as soon as you will be activated. Please note that you will not be able to send or receive meeting requests until your profile is activated by the event organizer.

If the event organizer did not choose the activation setting, you can start to book meetings imemdiately.

Once you finished registering for the event, a b2match profile associated to your email address is created. You can see the details in Account settings. Read more: Participant's Guide: Account Settings