The Matchmaking Process

The matchmaking process from participant's perspective. These steps are required for the participants in order to have bilateral meetings

The matchmaking is an ideal way to initiate contact with potential new international collaboration partners and a great opportunity to widen your network. 

As a participant, you build your own profile and agenda based on selected sessions and accepted meeting requests.

Accepted meeting requests will be scheduled according to mutual availability, preference, and according to the event settings, decided by the event organizers. 

Follow the steps below in order to book and participate to your bilateral meetings.

1. Register for the event

Registering for the event is the first step to be taken towards a successful business matchmaking. Go to the event website, where you should have access to the registration, given that the event organizer allowed the registration start. 

During the registration you are required to provide the following information:

  • Your name and job position
  • Your organizations' name and a short description
  • Your availability for meetings and other sessions
  • Other information, if specifically set by the event organizers.

Depending on the event settings established by the organizer, your profile might be validated before being included in the participants' list, and profiles that are incomplete, unclear or irrelevant to the event might not be allowed to participate. If this is the case for your event, you will see this information as soon as you finish your registration. 

2. Complete your profile

In addition to the information entered during registration, participants are able to add details about their businesses by creating Marketplace entries. They can describe the products and the services they offer, they can state what are they looking for in a partnership, or the reasons why are they interested in a project cooperation. Additionally, participants can add pictures for the Product Marketplace entry and files for all types of Marketplace. The upload limit for the files is 22 MB.

The Marketplace is set by the organizer of the event, who decides which of the options above will be available for the participants.

3. Arrangement of your bilateral meetings

Browsing through participant profiles and Marketplace opportunities
You will be able to search the participants list to identify suitable partners’ profiles. Check which  profiles are the most interesting for you. Use the selection criteria available and bookmark the interesting profiles.

You can select the participants who selected the matchmaking sessions by using the matchmaking filter.

You can select the view per person or organization and sort the list according to relevance - last updated or name.

Request meetings and establish contact
You can submit meeting requests or/and send a message in order to establish contact with the suitable meeting partners. Click on the participant card in order to see participant's details and request meetings.

The status of the participants in relation to your meetings will be displayed in the participant card.

You can only request meetings if the booking phase is opened.

Your schedule
You build your own agenda based on selected sessions and accepted meeting requests. Accepted meeting requests will be scheduled according to mutual availability and preference. When accepting a meeting request, you will see all common available time-slots and can decide on your preferred date and time of the meeting.

4. Meetings take place

You can find your meetings in your Meetings list or in your Agenda. Here, you have the date and time of your accepted meetings, so on the day of the meeting, be punctual. If you are not able to attend the event for any reason, you can cancel the meetings or your attendance. 
Depending on the event settings, meetings can take place virtually, on-site, or a mix of both.