Participant's Profile Panel

In order to view and edit a participant's profile, click on the participant's row, in the participants list. The participant's profile panel window will open.

Participant's name and contact details

At the top of the participant's profile, you can see the participant's picture, phone number and email address. These details are not editable by the organizer. For the profile picture, the system accepts the following formats: jpeg, png, gif, bmp, tiff. The maximum size is 5 megabytes.

Participant's status within your event and impersonation

Next, you can find the participant's status within your event: if the participant was activated and if the profile is visible on the participant's list on the website. Also, you can see the last login date and time here.
The Impersonate User feature enables the organizer to sign in as a participant in the participant dashboard and to perform actions on their behalf.

Downloadable documents and rejection

In this section, you can find the downloadable documents and the participation rejection.
The Download PDF Agenda button allows the organizer to download the participant's personalized agenda.
Download PDF Badge allows the download of the participant's badge, given that the Active button is ticked in Badges.
Cancel Participation gives the organizer the ability to cancel the person's participation in the event and afterwards reject it.

Participant's profile panel menu

As an organizer, you are able to view and/or edit the information related to the participant profile, attendance, meetings, settings and activities. Also, you can leave notes, visible only to you and other organizers.


In the Profile tab you can view and edit the following information, which was added by the participants during registration or was imported by the organizer:

  • Participant type 
  • Personal information
  • Organization information
  • Location
  • Areas of activity
  • the replies to the custom questions

The organizer can check, add or edit the marketplace entries here as part of the participant's validation process.


Here you can choose sessions on the participant's behalf by clicking Edit, choosing the sessions and clicking on Save. All sessions can be picked by the organizer, even those that are not available to participants.

Un-registering the participant from sessions that have upcoming meeting will display a warning for the organizer. If confirmed, the participant's upcoming meetings will be canceled.


In the Meetings tab, the organizer can view the list of the participant's meetings including their status, time and location.


In the Settings tab you can view and edit the following information:

  • Support Office - the organizer can add and/or edit the participant's support office
  • Timezone - the organizer can add/edit the participant's timezone in which all times on the event website will be shown. If none is selected, event venue timezone is used.
  • Reserved Table - the organizer can reserve a table for the participant
  • Booth - the organizer can assign the participant a booth
  • Maximum Meetings - the organizer can set a number of maximum meetings for the participant
  • Available for messaging - the organizer can specify if this participant can receive messages from other participants.


The participant's history within your event is now available under Activities. This includes registration date, meeting requests, rejections and messages received from the organizers.


The organizers can leave notes, which will only be visible by themselves or other organizers.