Public or Private Registration

The event registration can be publicly accessible or reduced to a pool of participants only, according to the needs of the event organizers. In order to set if the registration is public or private, the organizers need to access Configuration - Registration Settings - Public or Private Registration - in the organizer's tool.

Registration is public

Participants are able to register for the event through the Register buttons, accessible on the event website.

Registration is private

Participants are not able to register for the event through the event website, as the Register buttons won't be available on the website. They need to be invited to register via invitation links.

Inviting participants to register for the event when registration is private can be done as follows:

  • Inviting participants via import

Participants can be imported from a previous event or by using an Excel document. The system creates a unique invitation link for every participant, which can only be used once. More details here

  • inviting participants via invitation links in participation types

Participants can be invited to the event through the invitation links which are automatically generated for every participation type. More details here

Once registered, the participants will be able to login through the Login button available on the website.