Setting Representations and Representatives per Participant Types

In the new b2match version, you can determine whether a participant type can perform additional actions, like representing other organizations or creating new participants for their organization. In order to enable this, go to Configuration - Participant types and edit the participant type to which you wish to apply these features.

Representatives - tick this option if this participant type should be able to create company profiles for their organization. If ticked, the first participant who registers and creates a company profile will be the Company Manager, and will be able to create new participants (representatives) from that company, impersonate them, and manage their attendance and meetings. Multiple participants can have the role of a Company Manager, which can be given to them by other Company Managers or by the event organizers. 

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Representations - tick this option if this participant type should be able to represent more than one company. If ticked, this will allow the participants who chose/were assigned this participant type to choose more than one company to represent in the registration step and in the participant dashboard. This means that a participant from company A can also represent companies B and C, so when other participants check the profiles of companies B and C they will see the participant from company A and will be able to have a meeting with them.

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