Test Registrations

Make test registrations for your event in order to check the registration process and the meeting booking

An efficient way for the organizer to check the settings of the event and see how the registration looks like is going through the registration process as a participant.

In order to make a test registration follow these steps:

  1. click on Go to the Event Website which it will take you to the website as it will be seen by participants once it will be published. If the you connected an external website, you will need to click on the button Registration instead
  2. start registration by clicking on the Register button at the top 
  3. if the Register button cannot be clicked, the registration is closed. Go to the organizer tool, change the registration date and repeat the steps above. Also, it can be that the registration is private. In this case, the organizer need to register by using the links in the participation types.

Things to take into consideration when making a test registration:

  • Publish the website

The owner of the website should temporarily publish it in order for other colleagues to be able to make test registrations. Otherwise the website will only be visible for the organizers. 

  • Change the registration begin date

You can do this by going to Configuration - Registration Settings - Registration Time Frame - Registration begin date

  • Change the booking begin date

In case you want to send and receive meeting requests, you need to temporarily alter the booking time frame. You can do this by going to Configuration - Matchmaking Settings - Booking Time Frame - Booking begin date

The organizer can remove the test registrations at any given time. 

  • Add a Marketplace opportunity

After you registered for the event, create one or more Marketplace opportunities. This way, you will have a clear image of how the participants see it and you will know what changes you need to apply on Marketplace classifiers.

  • Book a meeting and start it if it's virtual or hybrid

You can create two test registrations or invite a colleague to test the system with you. In the case of virtual events, the meeting can also take place, since virtual meetings can be started at any given time before their end time.