Testing Live Stage

Option 1, testing through organizer tool

Once the live stage is set up, and its location is created and connected to a session, the organizer can test it by clicking on the Join online button in Locations.

Since for the participants the Join online button becomes active 10 minutes before the session officially starts, this means that even though you've started the live stream for testing purposes outside of the session's real start and end time, participants will not be aware of it.

Option 2, testing through participant perspective

If you want to test it through participant's perspective, check the following steps:
1. Create a test session in the agenda.
Untick for the session Show in Event Agenda and Show in PDF Agenda. In order to test it you need to set the date of your test, which will influence the date of your event. You can use Custom Dates in order to avoid the event date change.
2. Create a hidden test participant type.
3. In the Registration Rules set up that only the participant of this test participant type can sign up for this session.
4. Register as a participant of this test participant type through the private invitation link you can find below this participant type in the organizer's tool.

5. Add the test session to your agenda. The Join online button will be active 10 minutes before the start time.

Make sure to remove the Live Stage from the Event Navigation, otherwise participants will see the page.