Time-slot Preferences During Registration

If you want to offer extra flexibility to your participants, you can create meeting sessions where participants can sign up for individual meeting time slots, instead of the whole session.

To do so, you first need to create a Matchmaking Track by going to Agenda > Tracks.

Make sure to select the Timeslots Grouped / Matchmaking Track option:

Next, you will need to create meeting sessions for every time slot. Make sure that the meeting duration matches the start and end time of the session.


Assign the session to the track you previously created:

Each session you create and assign to the track will be contained within the track and will not appear as a separate session in the Agenda. Instead, all the sessions added to the track will appear as a single session:

Please note that the title of this "session" is the same as the Track title.

Once clicked, a sidebar will open, showing all the meeting time slots:

In the registration form, as well as in the My Availability section, the time slots will look like this: