Types of Chat on the b2match Website

There are two chat options for the organisers who need support with handling virtual events:

  • Chat between the b2match Support staff and participants - for the organisers who do not have the resources to support participants themselves
  • Chat between the organisers and participants - for the organisers who don't want to be contacted directly via phone and email and need to handle more requests in a shorter time span. 

Both options are subject to additional charges

1. Chat between participants and b2match Support staff

The chat will be available once the participant logs in and all the support will be taken care of by the b2match Support team.

It looks similar to your regular chat with us, which takes place between organisers and the b2match Support, and it is still available for you, the organisers.

2. Chat between the organisers and participants

This chat will be integrated to the b2match website via an outside provider. It will be available for visitors of the website. This way, the organisers will offer direct support to the participants. Name your favorite provider (we implemented Pure Chat to some of our events) and we will let you know if we can implement it or not, and the additional cost. 

The chat between organisers and the b2match Support is still available in the organiser's tool.

The two options above exclude each other, as there can be only one chat for supporting the participants on the website. 

The live stage integrated chat and how both will look like on the page

The live stage integrated chat is the chat which is available for organisers and participants once the Live Stage location and page is created in the b2match platform.

The purpose of the live stage chat is to engage the audience in the live conference's topic, as opposed to the chat options presented above, which should be used for technical inquiries. The organisers can act as moderators in the live stage chat, they can participate in the discussions and also delete messages from the chat.

In the cases where a live streaming is set and one of the chat options above is selected (regardless if it's 1 or 2), both chats will be active and the page will look like in the picture below.