Types of Chat on the b2match Website

For many events, organisers offer their participants all kind of support: from showing their way to the nearest conference room, to moderating workshops, to helping participants find their meeting partners, all type of issues may rise, which require the organisers' involvement. This year, virtual events brought a new challenge for the event organisers, who are now facing different types of issues: unstable Internet connection, microphone and camera issues, choosing the right platform for their sessions, to multiple other aspects. In this case, a more direct communication with the participants will simplify the organisers' work, and, in case of virtual events, the chat is a proven efficient channel in solving multiple participant issues in a short time span, issues such as: registration, participant profile, agenda, meetings, technical problems.

There are two chat options for the organisers who need support with handling virtual events:

  • Chat between the b2match Support staff and participants - for the organisers who do not have the resources to support participants themselves
  • Chat between the organisers and participants - for the organisers who don't want to be contacted directly via phone and email and need to handle more requests in a shorter time span. 

Both options are subject to additional charges

1. Chat between participants and b2match Support staff

The chat will be available once the participant logs in and all the support will be taken care of by the b2match Support team.

It looks similar to your regular chat with us, which takes place between organisers and the b2match Support, and it is still available for you, the organisers.