Virtual Meetings Overview in the Organiser Tool

The organiser can keep an eye on the meetings in Meetings, in the organiser's tool.

An overview of the meetings status is displayed in Scheduled.

Participant's Status in Meetings

  • The participant joined the meeting

  • The participant did not join the meeting
  • The meeting has started and the participant is in the room
  • The meeting has started and the participant is not in the room

In order to have the meeting status in real time, please refresh the Meetings page.

Meeting has started and the organiser can join

The two participants in the screeenshot have the icon that suggest that neither of them joined the meeting.
The participant is able to join the meeting by clicking on Join, once the meeting has started. No message will be displayed, the organiser will just appear in the meeting, therefore letting the participants know in advance would be recommended.

Meeting has ended and one of the participants did not join

One of the participants joined the meeting, and one didn't. The green icon indicates that the meeting has ended.