Working With the Badge Editor

Learn how to create and customize the perfect event badge.


Adding Elements

Once you create the badge, you will have the possibility to access the Editor.

You can select one of our premade badge templates and use them as the base of your badge, or you can start with a blank badge.

Once you make your choice, you can create the look and feel of the badge by adding predefined elements from the left side of the screen. 

  • Attendee info - click on Attendee info to see the list of items you can add: full name, first name, last name, participant picture, email, participant type, organization, organization logo, job position, country, state province.

The item will be added in the editor once you click on it. You can move it anywhere in the editor by dragging and dropping it. Click on x if you want to remove it.

If the participant added their photo, it will be displayed if Participant picture is selected. Otherwise the generic photo placeholder will be added.

If the participant added their organization logo, it will be displayed when Organization logo is selected. Otherwise nothing will be displayed on the badge.

  • Image - click on Image and Upload image in the editor if you want to add an image.
  • Static text - click on Static text if you want to add your own text. You can edit its size, color and fonts by using the editor’s menu.
  • Rectangle - click on Rectangle if you want to add a background color rectangle which you can shape and use it as a text box as well.

Customizing Elements

The Badge Editor enables you to customize the badges’ content.

The menu bar contains the following:

  • Color picker - choose the text color of a selected element
  • Font - change the font of the selected element
  • Emphasis - choose whether the text is regular, bold, or italic
  • Case - choose whether the text is displayed in all caps, or a sentence case
  • Alignment - allows you to align text to the left or right, or center
  • Send to background / foreground - allows you to move an element to the front or back of another element

Rearranging Elements

To rearrange elements on the badge, you simply need to click on one, and drag it to the position you want.

The red line placer - when moving different elements around the surface of the editor, you will notice a red line - horizontal and vertical - which will help you place the text or the images and keep the format’s proportions.

Make sure to leave enough room on the sides for the Attendee Info elements by stretching the box from one side of the badge to another.

Participant names and the names of their companies can be long, so always keep that in mind, since the size of the element will vary depending on the participants.

If the element is not wide enough, the text inside it will become smaller and less legible.





Double Sided Badges

If you have created a double sided badge, you can switch back and forth between the sides and edit them as you like.

Please note that it is not possible to copy/paste badge elements, or copy an entire side of a badge and paste it to the other side. If you want to have the front and back sides identical, you will have to make both sides from scratch.