Working With the Badge Editor

Once you click on Save, you will have the possibility to access the Editor. Here you can decide which pieces of information to add on the badges.

  • Attendee info - click on Attendee info to see the list of items you can add: full name, first name, last name, participant picture, email, participant type, organization, organization logo, job position, country, state province.

The item will be added in the editor once you click on it. You can move it anywhere in the editor by dragging and dropping it. Click on x if you want to remove it.

If the participant added their photo, it will be displayed if Participant picture is selected. Otherwise the generic photo placeholder will be added.

If the participant added their organization logo, it will be displayed when Organization logo is selected. Otherwise nothing will be displayed on the badge.

  • Image - click on Image and Upload image in the editor if you want to add an image.
  • Static text - click on Static text if you want to add your own text. You can edit its size, color and fonts by using the editor’s menu.
  • Rectangle - click on Rectangle if you want to add a background color rectangle which you can shape and use it as a text box as well.

Don't forget to save the changes by clicking on the Save changes button on the right of the editor.

Badges overview