Eventbrite Integration (beta)

Connect an Eventbrite account to import data of the attendees of your event

The Eventbrite integration is available for the new version of b2match.  

How to connect Eventbrite

This feature is only available for some of our packages. If you need this feature and it's not displayed in Integrations, contact us.

Go to Configuration - Integrations - Eventbrite. Click on Connect.

You will be redirected to Eventbrite, where you need to click on Allow.

The Eventbrite URL will then pre-fill the URL field. 

Add the Eventbrite event ID by copying it from the Eventbrite event page URL.

The import of the participants from Eventbrite to b2match can be done manually (in batches), or automatically.

Manual synchronization - if the toggle is grey, manual synchronization is needed. Click Synchronize now to manually import all of your existing Eventbrite attendees to your b2match event.

The time when the last synchronization took place is displayed (for example, Synchronized 12 minutes ago).

Synchronizing every 15 minutes - if enabled, b2match will automatically import new participants once every 15 minutes.

Participants will receive the Registration finished notification from the b2match system once their profiles are imported. Organizers can turn off sending the notifications in Messages - Notifications - Registration notifications - toggle off Registration finished notification.

Setting up Webhooks

After connecting the two platforms, you can set up Webhooks if you want your Eventbrite attendees to be instantly imported to b2match.

  • click on your Eventbrite account settings page

  • click on Add Webhook
  • paste the URL 
  • tick attendee.updated (participants created before this, not retroactively)

  • click on Add Webhook.

b2match will now create the participants as soon as they buy tickets (register) on the Eventbrite connected event.

b2match automatically assigns the matchmaking sessions existent in the system to the agendas of all the participants imported from Eventbrite. This means they can request and receive meeting requests.

What gets imported from Eventbrite to b2match

1. Participant information

All fields that coincide with the fields in the b2match registration form will be imported:

    • first name
    • last name
    • gender
    • job position
    • organization name
    • phone number
    • address related fields - city, state, province, postal code, street, zip, country
    • organization's website
    • mobile phone number

    2. Tickets as participant types

    b2match creates a participation type that has the same name as the ticket participant chose. For example, a General Admission ticket in Eventbrite will generate a General Admission participation type in the b2match platform.

    If the name of the tickets in Eventbrite coincides with the name of the participant type in the b2match platform, when imported, the participants will be automatically assigned to the respective participation type (for example, if you have a ticket called "Buyer" in Eventbrite and a participation type in b2match called "Buyer", when importing, the participants who bought the Buyer tickets will be assigned the Buyer participation type).

    3. Custom questions

    The custom questions that have the same type and name will be imported as such, for example, paragraph text and checkboxes.

    If the type and name do not match, b2match creates the respective question.

    If a registration field from Eventbrite does not get imported because of the mismatch with the b2match registration, disable it in Eventbrite and create a custom question in both platforms.

    For example, Tax & Business Info can be an enabled field in Eventbrite, but it won't coincide with the registration fields in b2match. You need to disable it in Eventbrite and create a custom question in both Eventbrite and b2match.