Configuring Event Navigation Components

Most of the components that can be added in the Event navigation are configured in the same way.  These include:

  • Website
  • Agenda
  • Speakers
  • Organizers
  • Dropdown

To configure one of these components, click the "Add component" on the main screen, select one them (additional information can be found in our article Event Navigation Components), and click "Next".

Provide the title of the component which will be visible to the participant in the navigation bar of the Event website.

For multilingual events, you can provide the titles of the component in each language that's enabled on the event. Switch between the languages and write the title in the "Name" input field in each language.

Then, configure the visibility of this component. You can make it visible and accessible only to registered participants by disabling Guest Mode. Additionally, you can make the component visible only to certain Participant Types. 

Please note that if Guest Mode is disabled, the component will not be visible in the navigation bar until participants register or log in.

When configuring a Participant component, you are able to define which Participant Types will be displayed on the page.

This allows you to create separate Participant lists for different Participant Types, making a clear distinction between different groups of participants, or making some groups stand out more. 

Similarly, you can configure the Marketplace component the same way and select the Participant Types whose opportunities will be visible on the page.

When configuring the Companies component, you can filter the list based on Organization Types, along with Participant Types.

Please have Visibility Rules in mind when configuring Visibility settings of certain components. For example, even though you can create a filtered Buyers list that is only visible to Sellers, the Sellers will see a blank page if the Visibility Rules state that Sellers cannot see Buyers.

For the Live Stage component, besides the title and the visibility, you can define whether to display all Live Stage locations, or just one.